About Wildberries Journal of Mythic Fantasy

Wildberries is a not-for-profit online journal dedicated to helping writers, poets and artists of the Mythic Fantasy genre find a place for their work to be seen and for their voice to be heard.

About The Editors  

Joel Le Blanc
Founder and Editor of Wildberries Journal of Mythic Fantasy.

While living in New Zealand Joel can be seen walking his tiny white dogs down country roads, sitting at cafe's with a coffee-stained notebook and a plate full of bagels, or standing in a field and shaking a fist in the general direction of the sky. Joel is a natural health practitioner and works as a freelance health writer while studying creative writing at University of Canterbury. He has had poetry published in the print journal "Poetry NZ", "Very Bad Poetry" and a forthcoming 2011 issue of "Semaphore Magazine".

Visit Joel's blog "The Rabbit Hill" here: http://therabbithill.blogspot.com/