Mythic Fantasy

Wildberries Journal of Mythic Fantasy is an online publication with a special focus on fiction, artwork and poetry that has been inspired by world mythology, folklore and legends. These are the stories that have survived time, been handed down through generations often only through oral tradition, and continue to influence people's lives, narratives and culture today.

Whether you are watching the most recent 3D blockbuster at the cinema, reading a novel or studying a Bachelor of Science, it is hard to take a single step without tripping over a myth somewhere. Planets have been named after them, songs are written about them, festivals are celebrated because of them, psychological theories are based on them, and ancient cultures are remembered for them.

For the purposes of this publication, we are primarily interest those artistic works which draw from the realm of myth and folklore more purposefully and directly, regardless of whether it's to re-tell an old story, place a new spin on a folktale, or use a myth as a frame with which to make commentary on modern day life.